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Spanton Media has been leading the way in the Australian market with its publications and events dedicated to the bar industry.

We have put on nearly 20 tradeshows, hosted the Bartender magazine Australian Bar Awards for 20 years in 2021 and in we are moving into the 22nd year of Australian Bartender magazine publishing well over 250 issues this year.

In 2015 we launched the Indie Spirits Tasting, which we hosted in four cities. In 2020 the event was paused and in 2021 it will relaunch in Sydney.

In 2021 our Sydney Bar Week - a three day extravaganza - will boast 30+ events dedicated to the business of bars including daily wellness sessions.

Our online presence is well established with a dedicated website - australianbartender.com.au, regular e-newsletters and an IPad app of the magazine with additional features that are only available online.


To get your hands on our media kits or enquire about how you can advertise or become a sponsor email David at david@spantonmedia.com